Rogue Spyware 101

Fake anti-spyware, a.k.a rogue anti-spyware, is software masquerading as valid anti-spyware. What do I mean by this? Real and Rogue anti-spyware both claim to seek out and destroy malicious PC infections. The difference is a fake one is also the one making your PC ill. A heart doctor passing out fatty burgers if you will. But rogue-antispyware goes a step further making things worse for your PC not better, even though you paid . Rogue Antispyware is a scam!

How People Get Scammed

Harmful programs are often purchased when unwary net surfers are faced with popups warning of infected or poor running PCs. Downloading and purchasing “abc” product will cure all your woes. All lies of course. (Can't miss the pop-ups – blinky screen, browser refusing to shut down.)

Negative Effects

Scans from Rogue anti-spyware programs are unreliable at best and tend to come with a large scare factor. They will generally report several false positives – invented infections for your computer—in order to frighten you into purchasing their product. Installed, the rogue software slows your PC considerably. Programs are sluggish to respond and pop-ups are abounding – making doing anything on your computer a nightmare. Sometimes PC performance gets so poor it freezes and may crash. Learn more about symptoms of Rogue Antispyware here.

What to Do if Infected

There are few things you can do to stop rogue anti-spyware from getting installed onto your computer. To start, get a really good anti-spyware tool. A really good antispyware program is probably the best tool for preventing and getting rid of rogue antispyware. Frequent risk definition updates will keep your antispyware in best form for effective results.

Next make sure to properly research any product before downloading. Five minutes with Google could tell a lot about a product. As well make sure you have the “do not allow popups” feature enabled on your web browser. Stop some of their power to get in your face. (You can allow pop-ups from certain sites by labeling them trusted.)

Prevention is important, but if by chance infection occurs early action is vital. Infections of this kind are tougher to remove the longer they are on your PC. Rogue anti-spyware are “intelligent” programs designed to slither through your PC and hide from detection and removal. In the most severe cases the PC is completely consumed by the infection making it impossible to do anything. You won’t even be able to access your desktop. Then removal options will be limited and more specialized. Get more Rogue Anti-Spyware Removal information!